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Judge bans facial expressions?

Sponsor: - Judge bans facial expressions? Here's his exact quote:  "If there are audible comments, applause or ANY EXPRESSION OF EMOTION from people in attendance or the public, they will be removed."

This clip is part of a series. Part 1 is at:
The next part, if any, should appear as a RidleyReport video response to this clip.

A note regarding "the other side of the story."  I'd probably call the authorities, question them and record the entire interaction on tape when they are accused.  But the wiretap law - which their chiefs so ardently defend - has a chilling effect on such calls.  So I generally choose to practice overobedience - and decline to call for their opinions.  In this sense, their bad law saves me time and costs them the chance to present their views.

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If you're a liberty person in Candia, may want to apply for a political position that recently came open.  Budget committee member.  Clink link (if available) or see video descrip for details.


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